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Angular – Preview Image before Saving it

I came across a few samples of how to preview an image before saving it. So he's my version "Angularfied"! Here's the app.component.ts (obviously move as you wish!) Then we just need to add the following HTML As easy as... Continue Reading →

Developers vs Designers

So we at SSW are looking to upgrade our Intranet using SharePoint 2016 and the brief was to use the functionality coming later in 2017 to make a really great user experience. So I watched An overview of SharePoint communication sites and took a... Continue Reading →

Wait SharePoint isn’t terrible?

As a developer I like many of you found SharePoint to be an annoying enigma.  It wasn't perfect as a document repository however it was much better than it was as an Intranet or home page.  It tried to be a... Continue Reading →

Angular – Class initializers in TypeScript

One thing that is great in C# is the ability to initialise values on create like so: - With the release of TypeScript 2.1 you can now do something similar: - Then you can use is like so:- Just make sure... Continue Reading →

Dynamics CRM – Going, going, gone

If you or your clients have been using Dynamics CRM it’s time to embrace the future.  Microsoft has combined their Dynamics offerings into a single solution now called Dynamics 365. If you’re using Dynamics CRM Online you would have already... Continue Reading →

Copy Environment Variables between Windows Users

So I have multiple users setup on my machine and was having issues with the Environment Variables.  Whenever I did it manually I always seems to have some issues. Then I finally stumbled over the following in the ancient archives... Continue Reading →

Why I love Angular

Having recently started at SSW ( I had to learn Angular.  I had heard a bit about it however being firmly in the .Net space I had never learnt anything in detail. I jumped online and found an course on... Continue Reading →

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