Dynamics 365 – Site Map Custom Titles

I am currently working on update of a Site Map and have Reports listed twice in an Area.

When they display Dynamics is showing a (1) at the end of the second item.

To add custom titles to Areas, Groups, or Sub Areas you use

    <Title LCID="1033" Title="Cool Report Title" />

LCID is the language code.

Full SubArea XML shown below

<SubArea Entity="report" Id="nav_reports" DescriptionResourceId="Reports_Description" AvailableOffline="false" PassParams="false">
  <Privilege Entity="report" Privilege="Read" />
    <Title LCID="1033" Title="Report" />

If you’re not using XrmToolbox (http://www.xrmtoolbox.com/) then why not? Here’s how to select it in Xrm Toolbox.

2017-07-26 11_05_43-XrmToolBox for Microsoft Dynamics CRM _ 365 CE (v1.2017.6.16)

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